Spring Cleaning with eShakti


Have you started shopping for your new spring wardrobe?

Not entirely sure where to look? eShakti has what you’re looking for!

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you before, but I know I’ve come across this situation more than once; where you run into someone with the exact same thing on. In a day and age where trends make a lot of us all look the same, it’s nice to be able to stand out- and eShakti makes that possible!

This was my first time shopping at eShakti and after I received my dress they became my go to online store because you can customize each dress. Most places give you an option of what size, but they go the extra mile by giving you the option to pick what type neckline, sleeve style, and even skirt length you want for YOUR dress! On top of that they ask for other additional measurements in order to give you the best fit possible. How many other places do you know of now a days that will do a tailored/custom job without breaking the bank?

There are so many different patterns and styles to chose from but being a floral lover I decided to pick this one. I have to say I am more than happy with my pick. In a state where it’s still snowing mid April spring hasn’t sprung just yet so I’m not ready to whip out the more vibrant colors. When I spotted this though I thought it was the perfect almost spring look.

If you’re ready to add something new to your closet and stand out the next time you go out, then go check out eShakti! And if you end up finding the dress of your dress you can use my code (Anita10) to get 10% off your purchase!

Spring Break '18

Can you guys believe it?! It feels like the new year just started; but we're already half way through February and just weeks away from Spring Break

I recently started flipping my closet from winter to spring clothes. Three fourths of my closet is recycled but I always like to add some new pieces to spice things up. First up are some new picks from Pretty Little Thing! If you want options from traditional spring break attire: shorts, sun dresses, and crops tops this place is for you. Maybe you're wanting to be a little fancy, they also have plenty of styles you can dress up.

I chose five items to mix and match with my current spring wardrobe- you can see all the looks further down. If you’re wanting to take a peak at their entire Spring Break collection, click here: https://www.prettylittlething.us/shop-by/spring-break.html.

And as always, happy shopping beautiful people.



Holiday Savings

Happy New Year beautiful people!

My first blog post of the year, and I am so excited to share some new looks I was able to score after Christmas! Now some of you might be thinking...girrlll it's way past; but I'm here to let you know that all of those sales are still going on. From Nordstrom, to Zara, to BCBG- sales on top of sales.

The older I get, the shorter my Christmas list gets because I'm shopping all the deals leading up to, and also following the holiday. This has been one of my most fashionable winters. If you're not already signed up to Nordstrom's mailing list, then I think it's safe to say you're missing out. I've scored two of my now favorite riding boots during their 40% off boots event.

BCBG is doing an additional 40% off their sale items.

Zara is having markdowns upon markdowns on what feels like everything.

If you have any holiday money left over, then the time to shop is now! I'll stop being a bad influence, but what's better than buying something discounted- nothing is better than that. 

Okay lovelies, that's all I have for now. till next time.

Photographer: SNH Photo

It's a Vibe

I got to spend six beautiful days back home in Seattle this Thanksgiving and I'm so excited to finally share some of my adventures!

I wanted to take advantage of the warmer weather and beautiful backdrops so I set out to set up some photo shoots. Originally I reached out to Alisha hoping she could do my hair for a project- this photographer turned hairstylist is someone I've worked with in the past. Alisha started out taking photos four years ago and then found herself doing hair (she's really good at it). Sadly she wasn't available with all these salon bookings, but she mentioned setting up a photo adventure of our own.


A date with Alisha was set and I took to Pinterest to get some inspiration and get a mood board together.

I don't believe in changing who  you are in a sense, but I do think that trying to fit in is something we as humans naturally try to do. What am I talking about?...my style. Living in Alaska, being a hipster: ripped jeans, beanies, felt hats, Docs; these are not what you'd see a lot of around town. I decided it was only right to go all out for this street style shoot in a place that is accepting of my fashion sense.

As I looked through the many images on Pinterest, I came to the conclusion that a male model could add something- but who? I don't work with other people often unless it's in a styled bridal shoot setting; it was so much fun working with Hunter. It was his first time behind a camera, but I sure hope not his last!

Scroll down to check out all of the looks from that day! Fingers crossed and keep an eye out, you may just see Alisha and I working together again this fall during NYFW.

Till next time lovely people.

I think I aim for a sort of androgyny. It sort of tones down some of my more masculine features...But overall I have never felt very masculine or feminine which allows me to feel free to play around with the clothes that I wear.
— Hunter Long

Coffee Date

Every week temperatures drop, and we see less of the sun everyday. Last year I was a bit more adventurous, venturing out into the streets of Fairbanks for shoots. This year however I have created a goal for myself to collaborate with various venues in town in order to support local businesses, build my network AND stay warm.

First up is the cutest little shop located in downtown Fairbanks- Venue. The name is so fitting as the building holds a coffee shop, souvenir store, and area in the back for events .One day I thought it would be fun in the most cliche way to take photos with pretty lattes- it is coffee shop photo season after all. I went to google to see the options I had and Venue was the first place that caught my eye.

Shout out to Blyss: the lead barista and person who made this possible. If you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods I highly suggest going here for some of the best coffee.

Photographer: SNH Photo