Photographer: Fan the Flame

Styling and Hair: Jody Krevens /Makeup: Rahela Williams /Wolfdog: Lucian

It was during Portland Fashion Week 2014 when I first saw then 15 year old designer Kate Miles share her collection. She had many fabulous pieces, but one in particular caught my eye: a big black tulle dress with a handmade glass corset. As I laid my eyes on the dress I knew it was time to plan another project. An epic dress deserved an epic story, so I began my hunt for the key piece to this project-a wolfdog: a dog mixed with low to high content of wolf. I had the opportunity to work with Lucian, an upper mid content wolfdog back home in Ohio, and I was itching to work with another beautiful dog. After a little bit of searching I met Tracy and Tsura via Facebook. Tracy lives in Oregon with Tsura, a 80/20 British Colombian Wolf-Malamute mix.

 On a cloudy day in February, I met Tsura for the first time. Don't let the peaceful expressions on my face fool you, I was a nervous being so close to such a big beauty, but she was a sweetheart. The end results...well just take a look for yourself!

Photographer: Michelle Dorman Designer: Kate Miles /Makeup: Sable Desiree /Hair: Shontia