I Love Me

I love me
Gonna love myself, no, I don’t need anybody else...
I’m gonna put my body first
And love me so hard β€˜til it hurts.
— Hailee Steinfield

Body positive, body love has been a pretty big movement on social media recently. More bloggers and models have spoken out about loving their bodies the way they are. Big companies such as American Eagle have stopped photoshopping models, leaving the photos they use in their ads untouched. 

Since the movement I have seen curvy girls bash thin models instead of accepting the simple fact that nobody is the same. Just because my hips may be bigger than the next girl doesn't give me the right to tell her that she needs to eat more so she can look like me; I don't expect anyone to tell me to go to the gym so I can one day fit in their jeans.

When I started modeling I weighed about 115 pounds at 5'8 and even then I had 36 inch hips. Since then I have gone in and out of depression, lacked motivation to go to the gym, eaten myself to happiness, gotten back on the treadmill, and find myself now at 135 pounds. I'm 5'8 with a 26 inch waist and 38 inch hips, but I feel as beautiful today if not more than I felt back then; I did not always feel this way, especially being in an industry where being thin has always been in. Most casting calls ask for a size 0-2, modeling agencies look for girls with hips 34 and lower. At times I'm unable to shoot certain looks at a shoot because it won't fit, but I have learned to love my curves and not let these things bother me.

Something I learned and continue to tell myself everyday is to love myself- the good and bad. This does not mean I let my body go but rather continue to love the body I have through the journey. I do not feel beautiful everyday but I look in the mirror and I do my best to think good thoughts. I wear clothes that are flattering to my body shape. I learn angles that elongate my body and make me feel beautiful in a photo. Modeling has made me see the flaws and things I wish to change about myself and work to improve, but it has also made me appreciate all of my better qualities. Hips that I once thought were too big I now see as beautiful, womanly curves. I appreciate my bone structure and chocolatey skin. Do I wish I was smaller, with slimmer hips- sometimes, but I have seen and learned that weight does not determine beauty.

It's not as easy as just telling yourself you're beautiful. There are still moments when I don't feel good about my body, but I try to remember all of the things I do love about myself. I put on some body-positive music, dance around my room, put on a fabulous outfit and make the world my runway. I challenge you to look yourself in the mirror as you get ready today and tell yourself one thing you love about yourself. If you're a size 0 wishing you had some curves or a size 14 wanting to look good in that summer bikini, learn to love the skin you're in.

You must love yourself first before anyone else can love you. Stay beautiful. 

Need a pick me up jam session? Song suggestions:

Love Myself- Hailee Steinfield

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Flawless- Beyonce

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