Southern Belle

When my family finally made the move from Africa to America, the first place that I called home was Greenwood, South Carolina. For 7 years that is where I called home; you can take a girl out of the south, but you can never take the south out of a girl. This look was inspired by that part of me. I had my eye on this dress a few months back at Forever21; the price for it then was around thirty dollars which I felt was too much for such a dress. About 2 weeks ago I went back to look through the sale section and saw the same dress was marked down to $8 and it was just my size, so naturally I bought it.

I got a message from a girl named Caitlin who was going to be in town for a few days, and wanted to shoot- and as always I said yes. To me, meeting new people while getting to do something I love is the most fun part about being a fashion blogger. I ran into Caitlin while waiting for the bus, and we got to talking. She told me her past stories of travel and her plans for new adventures. As the bus reached our destination, we started taking photos while roaming the park and continued our conversation. I've been wanting to do some traveling myself but never feel like I have the money for it. Caitlin, being the traveling guru that she is, was able to give me some great tips on how to travel without breaking the bank. After that day I felt so excited thinking about the possibilities of future adventures.

For me this journey has always been about more than just photos and outfits. For me, it has always been about the people I get to meet. The world is smaller than most realize and the universe has a funny and beautiful way of bringing the right people into your life at the right time. Caitlin was just the person I needed in my life that day, in that moment. Another adventure, another friend made.

Until next time.

Photographer: Caitlin Kellagher