Becca Marsh x Kheops

I have always had two goals with my fashion blog and modeling career: to be unique and to always stay true to myself. To me, style isn't about what's trending, so I don't focus on that; I try to be creative with every shoot.

I came across a photo on Instagram last year of a girl posed in front of colored smoke. When I first saw this photo I didn't know that smoke bombs existed, so I started researching how to get my hands on something that could create the same effect. Finally in April after looking on different sites such as Amazon and Ebay, I went to Facebook to see what other friends in the fashion industry would suggest I use- I made the purchase! I picked three looks from local designer Kheops and got a team together to make this dream a reality. This project has been a dream of mine, months in the making.

If you are interested in trying this out- look up 'enola gaye wire pull smoke grenade on Amazon or Ebay and go crazy with all the color options they have to choose from. My one and only suggestion, it might not seem obvious, but I made this mistake with the first smoke bomb and ended up with burning, watery eyes: do NOT walk into the smoke. Other than that the longevity of each bomb was well worth it for the price range of $10-$15 per grenade.

Stay creative, keep it classy.

Photographer: Becca Marsh/ HMUA: Sable Desiree / Designer: Kheops