In Studio

Most of my styled shoots are inspired by photos from Pinterest or Instagram.I saw snakes used in photo shoots on America’s Next Top Model as well as in various Vogue editorials which inspired me to start creating a similarly styled shoot.

I'm usually the girl screaming about the tiniest spider in my room, so it's safe to say that reptiles and I do not get along. However, I would do just about anything to add a different element to my portfolio. Lucky for me, my boyfriend has owned Squiggles- a ball python since he was nine years old. It took at least 15 minutes to finally warm up to Squiggles and be able to focus on posing. My fear of snakes and all other reptiles is still very real, so this experience was one for the books.

As always the amazing group of ladies I got to work with on this shoot made everything come together perfectly. That silver wall you see was made by the photographer, who taped together multiple poster boards to create one giant backdrop; it's interesting the things you would never know from just looking at a photo. There is always so much work put into every project and even into each individual shot; however, it is without a doubt, always worth it.