Beach days

 It was around the beginning of 2015 when I met up with Lynnsey to take some photos at a nearby beach. Sometimes you just need to do something more simple; not worrying or stressing over putting together a full team, but instead focusing on the art of creating beautiful photos. So that's what we did. I picked out a few favorites from my fall wardrobe: I chose my favorite jacket from Zara, a new clean pair of white high tops, and a selection of hats. Next, I threw on some makeup and headed out to meet Lynnsey!

Life can get busy; remember to slow down and enjoy the simple things: the sound of the ocean, breeze running through your hair, a beautiful sunset.

Photographer: LionLady Photography


Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Model Mayhem, it's interesting to think of some of the apps I have to thank for the people I have met and worked with. If you're in the Pacific Northwest, you've most likely heard of her- Haley Graham. Haley does a lot of senior portraits in Portland, and boy is she good at what she does. I came across her work on Instagram when I first moved to Seattle and followed her page. After a couple of months I worked up the courage to contact her to work with me on a personal project if I could find my way down to Portland. We emailed back and forth, threw around some ideas and came up with something we both wanted to do! Photographer- check. Next on the list was to find a makeup artist. I spent the next few days sifting through the Facebook of the modeling world, Model Mayhem. I sent messages, left comments, and finally came across Katie, a makeup artist located pretty close to Haley. I bought a train ticket and I was on my way.

The sun was shining, a few clouds dotted the sky, it was a perfect day to take some photos. We spent the day roaming the park trying to find the best backdrops. One of the perks of living in the Pacific Northwest, beauty is all around: large trees, tall grass, open fields, the options felt endless. We cycled through different sceneries and outfits; as the sun set we got some final shots and then headed home. This project has been one for the books, and I'm hoping for many more.

Until next time Portland.

Photographer and styling: Haley Graham Makeup: Katie Connolly