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Recycled Fashion

Hello from Alaska! Keeping my blog up and running has been tough in -20 weather but as always, Iโ€™m thankful for all of the creatives I have met up here. I'm very excited to share my collaboration with two new people.

Since I've started modeling, over half of the people I have worked with have been found on Instagram- how you might ask; I look up various hahstags that relate to my location. I came across photographer Kimberly, and a local boutique- Bad Mother Vintage through #fairbanksphotographer.

Clothingโ€”not fashionโ€”is such an over-looked reflection of popular culture, but people think about it less and less.
— Trista of Bad Mother Vintage

I stopped by Bad Mother Vintage and picked up a few pieces which you can see styled here. The thing I love about this boutique besides their great selection of clothing is the fact that all of their clothes are vintage. All of their pieces are handpicked, most of which are imported from Manchester. Fun fact- the two ladies who own Bad Mother select their pieces not only for the style, but also for the conditions under which the clothes were made. They make a conscious effort to abstain from supporting companies that use the โ€˜sweatshopโ€™ style of labor, which is something that I can definitely appreciate.

Fairbanks loves second-hand anythingโ€”Iโ€™m not sure why, but itโ€™s in the water. When the space opened up on Second Avenue, it was just a leap we tookโ€”why not? If we go out of business in a few months, we can just claim we were a really successful pop-up shop!~
— Trista of Bad Mother Vintage

The photographer was one of the sweetest women I have worked with. Don't let the smile on my face or nonchalant expression fool you because I did freeze my butt off the entire time, but I had so much fun doing it. It was 12 degrees that day but all the laughs and feelings of happiness from being creative made the entire shoot worth it. Check out more of her work here:


Until next time lovelies!