brown girls

The Midi

Warmer days are ahead of us which can make dressing for work, interviews, and business meetings difficult. It's time to trade your slacks in for a midi skirt, long sleeve button ups for a black cutoff top, and get ready to rock dressy-casual like no one has seen before.

I fell in love with the midi skirt last December and my collection has been growing ever since. The three that I have were all found in Zara's sale section- I just can't get enough! This look started out with the basics: top, skirt, and shoes. Belts and hats are my go to accessories and I used both to give this look a little something extra. Nothing big or flashy, just some simple accessories with gold accents to give the look a little spice.

Like the look but not a fan of the ensemble? Ditch the belt or switch up the hat- just have fun with it!

About the look:

Top, Hat, Belt: Forever21

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Photograher: Megan Holloway/ MUA: Sable Desiree

Something old, Something new

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

They say that summer is for lovers, and I could not agree more. Here is a simple, clean summer bridal look I modeled with one of my favorite wedding photographers- Anna Peters.

My first bridal shoot happened in Seattle last fall; nearly five styled shoots later I've found what I love to do more than anything- play fake bride. It might sound a little weird, but it's so much fun.

There are many different "genres" of modeling: avant garde, commercial, bridal, fitness, alternative, boudoir. I have been able to do a few different styles, but bridal has always been the easiest for me to model. Modeling is essentially like acting, and playing the part of bride has always come easily for me.

People rarely know about the not-so-glamorous sides of modeling because it is rarely discussed. As we were taking photos in the middle of a field we were nearly bitten to death by mosquitoes (minor exaggeration), but boy were the bugs bad that day. However, as always, the end result is always worth it.

Until next time :)

Photographer: Anna Peters /Makeup: Sable Desiree/ Hair: Shontia Delpin/ Dress: Claire Pettibone


Usually, I like to showcase local boutiques and designers on my blog, but today I wanted to share some looks from my personal closet.

Up until now Forever21 has always been my go to store. I can already hear half of you sighing heavily in disapproval, but let's be honest- almost all of us started there. Forever21 carries all the latest trends at amazing prices, and for a girl with bills and a budget, it’s what has worked for me thus far.

However as I grow older and my style continues to changes, I find myself not stopping there as often. Quality truly is more valuable than quantity, and in all honesty Forever21's quality can be questionable. Whoever said you get what you pay for was not lying. So I took a step back, examined my wardrobe, and decided it was time to de-clutter.

My go to stores now: Zara and Nordstrom Rack because I have a shopping makes me nervous. I know so many people shop from stores like Asos or Nasty Gal, but every time I venture to one of these sites I can't help but worry-and that worry holds me back from looking any further. What if the clothes don't fit or the quality isn't what it looks like in photos? It might limit my wardrobe options some, but I like to know what I’m buying!

For now I could not be more excited to see how my style evolves and improves in the coming months. Be on the lookout for my next personal style piece.