Bad Mother Vintage

I can't believe it's already April- there's still plenty of snow all around Alaska but luckily it's warmed up enough for me to bring out my spring wardrobe.

I say it often and I mean it every time, but I never stop feeling fortunate for all the creative souls I meet and get to work with. I stumbled upon one of the cutest vintage stores in Fairbanks- Bad Mother Vintage and I've been obsessed ever since the first time I worked with them. I picked out this off the shoulder dress and paired it with some new ballerina styled shoes and stepped out for some photos.

About a year ago I came across a photo with colorful smoke in the background and have loved the effect of a smoke bomb in a photo since. I decided to order some for my first shoot with local photographer Shiana, and here are just some of the photos from our adventure. This young, fun, free spirited girl has been taking photos for seven years and I was so happy to get to have her capture me.

I love portraits. Especially when you capture the essence of the person in that portrait. I love the artistic freedom that it gives me to create something beautiful that will last forever.
— Shiana McLean

Now you've met two of my favorite companies in Alaska, so get ready to see a lot more of their work all over my blog and Instagram. Hope you all have an amazing weekend! xoxo

Photographer: Shiana McLean

In Bloom

I haven’t lived in Seattle for long, but since moving here I have felt so blessed to live in such a beautiful state. Every year in Skagit Valley, WA they grow row upon row of the prettiest tulips and daffodils you’ve ever seen, thus marking the beginning of the Tulip Festival. Last year I missed the glorious sight by a week as the flowers bloomed and were cut down earlier than usual. I didn't make that mistake this year and it was just as beautiful as I had imagined it would be. It's about an hour drive from downtown Seattle and lasts until April 30th. If you have the time I'd highly suggest making the trip. Wear a pretty dress, dance through the flowers and have someone take photos of you to remember the moment; I promise it'll be worth your while.


Usually, I like to showcase local boutiques and designers on my blog, but today I wanted to share some looks from my personal closet.

Up until now Forever21 has always been my go to store. I can already hear half of you sighing heavily in disapproval, but let's be honest- almost all of us started there. Forever21 carries all the latest trends at amazing prices, and for a girl with bills and a budget, it’s what has worked for me thus far.

However as I grow older and my style continues to changes, I find myself not stopping there as often. Quality truly is more valuable than quantity, and in all honesty Forever21's quality can be questionable. Whoever said you get what you pay for was not lying. So I took a step back, examined my wardrobe, and decided it was time to de-clutter.

My go to stores now: Zara and Nordstrom Rack because I have a secret...online shopping makes me nervous. I know so many people shop from stores like Asos or Nasty Gal, but every time I venture to one of these sites I can't help but worry-and that worry holds me back from looking any further. What if the clothes don't fit or the quality isn't what it looks like in photos? It might limit my wardrobe options some, but I like to know what I’m buying!

For now I could not be more excited to see how my style evolves and improves in the coming months. Be on the lookout for my next personal style piece.