Black Swan

Phuong of Dresses by P.M.N launched her brand in April of 2014. I have had the pleasure of working with her a few times, modeling her wedding dresses. She started out making traditional American wedding dresses: all white, beautiful trains, stunning beading. Recently she began to add red accents to her gowns, inspired by the color of traditional wedding dresses from her homeland, Vietnam. You can see the beauty of her red couture pieces here.

I thought it could be very cool to mix the purple with black together to create a pop effect since the two colors usually look very good together
— Phuong Nguyen

While at Phuong's house for a fitting, she showed me a new piece she was working on; something unlike anything else she'd ever done- a black gown. Though it's said that black is not a color but rather the absence of light, I still say it's my favorite color. I knew that I had to get some photos in this dress, so we made it happen.


If you're in need of a showstopper for your wedding, I would recommend checking out her sample sale dresses or see about getting your own one-of-a-kind dress. The material and sewing technique she uses on her gowns are beyond perfect and worth every penny.



I have found a real appreciation for local businesses thanks to my time living in Seattle. My fashion roots started in Ohio where supporting local business isn't as big of a deal as it is in the Pacific North West. Since my move I have found a new respect for those who've created a brand and make clothes by hand. I recently had the opportunity to meet Victoria, the woman behind Kheops.

Her story is a little different from most I've met; she recently moved to Seattle from Europe in hopes of making a name for herself and her clothing line. Back home her brand is well known and has sold hundreds of pieces, so you might be asking yourself why she chose to move to Seattle. Not knowing much English, she decided to move to an area where she already had a network of friends and family who could help her make this the perfect starting point.

40 plus looks; 3 models in 8 hours! It was humbling to be a part of something so fabulous. You can only see five looks here but you still see just how versatile she is. Something fun, sophisticated, short, long, fitted, and loose- she has made all of this and even more! I love how unique the clothes are, not like anything you may see on the runway. A one stop clothing shop with various kinds of fabrics, all sorts of colors and various styles of clothing. Kheops is set to launch their website at the beginning of May but for now you can follow all of her adventures and new designs on Instagram and Facebook!

Photographer: Tereza Janakova / Makeup: Taylour Chanel

I Do

Like many girls, I have dreamed about my wedding day since I was a little girl. I've thought of the dress I'd wear, what the venue would be like, the flavor of the cake...pretty much anything and everything that goes into a couples' "big day".

It wasn't until I moved to Seattle that I truly discovered a different part of modeling- bridal! Lora Grady contacted me wanting to see if I would be interested in taking part in a bridal project with her and her team. When she first approached me I had no clue what to expect; however, when she sent over inspiration photos of what she was hoping to capture I was excited to take part in a project like this for the first time. On the short spectrum you have a photo with a female model wearing a bridal dress, possibly holding some flowers. The other side of the spectrum is a little more complex involving a full team: photographer, hair, makeup, designer, florist, calligraphist, etc. 

I arrived to the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Seattle on an early Saturday morning. Started the day with getting my hair and makeup done. As makeup and hair was underway, wedding planner- Tamara Nicole started setting up the banquet room with different props, and figuring out what backdrops were to be used that day. I had two different wedding dresses to photograph, and so began the project. We took photos inside the hotel, venturing to the sidewalks circling the area, there were even two little girls playing flowers girls and a handsome male model playing groom for the day. No, I did not have my bridal moment, but it was a fun experience imagining what my wedding day could be like. That was the start of something new for me. If you like what you see here, go take a peek at the Bridal section on my website. Needless to say, this is now one of my favorite styles to shoot.


Photographer: Lora Grady Photography /Dress: Luly Yang Couture /HMUA: Yessie Libby  /Styling:  Tamara Nicole /Florist: Sal Floral Design


Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Model Mayhem, it's interesting to think of some of the apps I have to thank for the people I have met and worked with. If you're in the Pacific Northwest, you've most likely heard of her- Haley Graham. Haley does a lot of senior portraits in Portland, and boy is she good at what she does. I came across her work on Instagram when I first moved to Seattle and followed her page. After a couple of months I worked up the courage to contact her to work with me on a personal project if I could find my way down to Portland. We emailed back and forth, threw around some ideas and came up with something we both wanted to do! Photographer- check. Next on the list was to find a makeup artist. I spent the next few days sifting through the Facebook of the modeling world, Model Mayhem. I sent messages, left comments, and finally came across Katie, a makeup artist located pretty close to Haley. I bought a train ticket and I was on my way.

The sun was shining, a few clouds dotted the sky, it was a perfect day to take some photos. We spent the day roaming the park trying to find the best backdrops. One of the perks of living in the Pacific Northwest, beauty is all around: large trees, tall grass, open fields, the options felt endless. We cycled through different sceneries and outfits; as the sun set we got some final shots and then headed home. This project has been one for the books, and I'm hoping for many more.

Until next time Portland.

Photographer and styling: Haley Graham Makeup: Katie Connolly


Photographer: Fan the Flame

Styling and Hair: Jody Krevens /Makeup: Rahela Williams /Wolfdog: Lucian

It was during Portland Fashion Week 2014 when I first saw then 15 year old designer Kate Miles share her collection. She had many fabulous pieces, but one in particular caught my eye: a big black tulle dress with a handmade glass corset. As I laid my eyes on the dress I knew it was time to plan another project. An epic dress deserved an epic story, so I began my hunt for the key piece to this project-a wolfdog: a dog mixed with low to high content of wolf. I had the opportunity to work with Lucian, an upper mid content wolfdog back home in Ohio, and I was itching to work with another beautiful dog. After a little bit of searching I met Tracy and Tsura via Facebook. Tracy lives in Oregon with Tsura, a 80/20 British Colombian Wolf-Malamute mix.

 On a cloudy day in February, I met Tsura for the first time. Don't let the peaceful expressions on my face fool you, I was a nervous being so close to such a big beauty, but she was a sweetheart. The end results...well just take a look for yourself!

Photographer: Michelle Dorman Designer: Kate Miles /Makeup: Sable Desiree /Hair: Shontia