Something old, Something new

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

They say that summer is for lovers, and I could not agree more. Here is a simple, clean summer bridal look I modeled with one of my favorite wedding photographers- Anna Peters.

My first bridal shoot happened in Seattle last fall; nearly five styled shoots later I've found what I love to do more than anything- play fake bride. It might sound a little weird, but it's so much fun.

There are many different "genres" of modeling: avant garde, commercial, bridal, fitness, alternative, boudoir. I have been able to do a few different styles, but bridal has always been the easiest for me to model. Modeling is essentially like acting, and playing the part of bride has always come easily for me.

People rarely know about the not-so-glamorous sides of modeling because it is rarely discussed. As we were taking photos in the middle of a field we were nearly bitten to death by mosquitoes (minor exaggeration), but boy were the bugs bad that day. However, as always, the end result is always worth it.

Until next time :)

Photographer: Anna Peters /Makeup: Sable Desiree/ Hair: Shontia Delpin/ Dress: Claire Pettibone

Pinterest Love

A few years ago while scrolling through the infinite pages of Pinterest I came across an image; I stopped, I looked, I stared, and I knew that one day I would recreate this same scene. With the help of some amazing ladies, we set out on a task. Some flowers, a simple outfit, and a photogenic bathtub were the key items that would be needed to make this project come to life. I never thought it would be so hard to find a nice bathtub to take photos in, but over a year later, we found one! A trip to Pikes Place Market for some flowers, a lovely handmade dress from my friend Kim, and a visit to a quaint salon in Edmonds, and I was ready to make some magic with Alyssa (the pretty lady behind the camera).

Nothing I do could be done without an amazing team behind me. I am blessed and lucky to continue to meet people from all different walks of life; people who have the ability to come together and make beautiful things happen.

Photographer: Alyssa Wilcox Designer: Kimmi Designs HMUA: Refinery Salon