girl boss

Fashion in Seattle

The day started out as most adventure days do, with hair and makeup being done. I got to work with Rosaline Hampton Salon and Dawson & Deveraux- two power teams, both run by women.

Sophie Karen created Dawson & Deveraux last March after finishing school just a year earlier. This formal wear is fun, edgy, and classy. If you look closely, a few of the dresses have poly-netting stitched in the piece turning drawer liner into high fashion; that’s what I call talent! The use of various types of fabric creating fun textures as well as different patterns and prints makes each of these pieces truly one of a kind. Sophie makes way more than dresses, you'll find skirts, tops, and even jackets on her website.

I started this blog with the intent of focusing on my own personal style; however, I have grown to love finding out about independent designers all around the west coast. It's nice getting to hear stories of how the brand started, the progress that has been made from start to now; and being able to be a part of the journey.

Until next time, enjoy all the pretty pieces :)


Photographer: Megan Holloway/ Designer: Dawson & Deveraux/ HMUA: Rosaline Hampton