It was the summer of 2013 when I was given an invitation to work with the photographer Joshua Eskridge, along with some of the best creatives in Louisville: hair, makeup, and designer. The concept of the project: an all white studio editorial- I said yes, packed my bags and headed down. I have never met individuals who are  so in love with their craft, and so amazing at it too; till this day some of my favorite people to work with.

Almost a year later I was asked to work with Joshua, Matthew, Isidro, and Genna again on photos that would be submitted to the North American Hairstyling Awards. If you've never heard of it, the best of the best in the U.S and Canada submit creative studio work in different categories ranging from hair texture to hair color. It was two days of hair, makeup, and some of the wildest designs I've had the pleasure to work with.

It's been almost two years now since my last trip to Kentucky, but I will never forget the friendships and connections that were made that summer.

Photographer: Joshua Eskridge Designer: Genna Yussman  Hair: Matthew Tyldesley Makeup: Isidro Valencia