new york

New York State of Mind

It was the middle of the summer in New York City and I was roaming the streets with Tristan when I asked him to snap a shot of me on my phone. The location wasn't anything beautiful or fancy but I thought it would complement the outfit well with its minimalist feel.

Some people have good hair days; this was feeling like a pretty good wardrobe day for me. The summer heat was in full swing and we were walking around the city all day, but that's no excuse to step outside in just anything. Luckily I found the hat and skirt while shopping in the city and I happened to have packed a top and sandals to finish this look.

An iPhone can only do so much, so when Holly and I finally set a date to shoot together at the cutest boat house I knew exactly what to wear!

Fashion Tip/Reminder: Being fashionable does not mean you need to be in pain, spend hundreds of dollars, or wear outlandish clothes. If you love the outfit, rock it- you wear the clothes, not the other way around.


Photographer: Holly Kerchner