Summer Love

Love. Love can be so many things to different people: the love you have for your family, your friends, your pet, or better half. There's a man who entered my life nearly five months ago who I have so much love for. How does any of this have to do with fashion or my blog? Let me introduce you to the man behind the scenes. Meet Tristan Long: son, Army Lieutenant, boyfriend to me, and the editor of Fashion by Anita. Everything I post goes through him first, and it is because of him that my blog is now finally up and running!

I spent Saturday morning eating some macarons from Macaron Cafe in NYC and reading love letters from Tristan. Nothing does the heart more good than some sweet treats and sappy words.

His personal style if it was up to him: cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Being with him definitely  brings out my more casual side. We ventured to a junkyard for a shoot. We sat on truck beds, climbed on top of old semis, and spent the afternoon laughing, canoodling and having our photos taken.

So this one goes out to you my love, for helping my dream of having a blog become a reality and bringing so much joy to my life.

Now back to fashion business, I promise :)

Photographer: Stephen Klise