Rattlesnake Ledge x Sarah Mulder Jewelry

Sometimes you meet the right people at the right time and everything just works- that's what happened with this collaboration. Last year I met and worked with photographer Alyssa Wilcox a few times on various personal projects. In the spring of this year I came across a jewelry designer via Instagram, Sarah Mulder ,who lives in California. She had seen some of my work and also knew Alyssa from her photography work, so the three of us teamed up for this fall fashion styled shoot.

Here we are now. Sarah sent me some jewelry from her new Fall/Winter 2015 line to style. I have a thing for crystals so of course my two favorite pieces were the two necklaces with the gems; but I had fun with all the jewelry. I tried to pick three different outfits that weren’t exactly the same, but went well with the jewelry and all spoke to who I am.

Fashion speaks to who you are and each one of these looks describes a side of me perfectly! I believe in looking good AND feeling good because looking good doesn’t mean you have to be in pain! A plaid shirt, nice pair of dark denim, and a beanie is my go to casual fall look. Casual doesn't have to mean sweats and looking like you just rolled out of bed- it can be fashionable! A new addition I have added to my closet is a suede dress from local vintage seller KCO Vintage; paired with last year’s black knee high boots and last but not least a nice burgundy lace dress. Some jewelry only goes well with one style of clothing so it was nice working with a line of pieces that are so versatile.

How would you style some Sarah Mulder jewelry?



The complete adventure in photos right below!

Photographer: Alyssa Wilcox/ Jewelry: Sarah Mulder


Adventure Time: The Ice Caves

Washington is known for its natural beauty, and I'm very excited to share some photos from my adventure to the Big Four Ice Caves this past spring.

It took weeks for the team and I to finally decide on a date for the project that worked for everyone; as we pulled up the the start of the trail the heavens opened up and the raindrops started coming down. It was supposed to be nice out, but a little rain never hurt anybody right? We grabbed our umbrellas and started walking toward the caves. As always, the journey was more than worth it.

One of the people on this trip was jewelry designer and Seattle local Lana Rose- owner of Lembas. Lana styled my all black look and made all of the jewelry pieces that are shown in each photo.

Since my move to Seattle I have found a love for local designers; Lana’s company is a little extra special. 10% of all their sales go to organizations that work to end human trafficking and help its survivors. Supporting a great cause and local business- talk about a good business model. Lana creates all of the pieces by hand. She makes anything from bracelets, necklaces, garters,   headpieces, to even veils for your special day!

Until next time! Check out all that Lembas has to offer:

Photographer: Amanda Kolstedt/ Jewelry+Styling: Lana Rose of Lembas/ Hair+Makeup: Kayla Beltran

Summer in Seattle

Summertime...and the living is easy.

Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end, and I'm so thankful to be able to say it has been one of the best of my life. My first summer in Seattle has been filled with new friends, cool music, good food, and fun adventures.

I was so nervous when my mom brought up the idea of moving away from Ohio, the place I considered to be home- but it turned out to be the best decision.

I first met Stephen Klise this year in January. One night as I was searching the world of hashtags on Instagram, I came across his work. I instantly fell in love with his natural lighting photography and natural style of editing.

Stephen and I were looking to have a little adventure; I had a day off from work and the sun was out, so we decided to take some photos at Carkeek Park. Even though the park is just around the corner from downtown Seattle, it was just the outing we were looking for. Sometimes, even a small adventure to the beach can provide a fun escape!

Photographer: Stephen Klise

Ruby Beach

It was an early morning for everyone; we started with hair and makeup, and then set off on a three hour drive to the location for the shoot that day: Ruby Beach. A three hour drive- so worth the hike. I can't say it enough so I will say it again, I am so thankful for the amazing team of ladies I was able to work with on this beach side shoot.

Find the full story and more photos on Magnolia Rouge.

Photographer: Anna Peters Photo/ Dress: Leanne Marshall Design/ Hair: Corinne Brown/ Makeup: Sable Desiree/ Florist: Sara Jane Camacho/ Ring: Point No Point Studio

Beach days

 It was around the beginning of 2015 when I met up with Lynnsey to take some photos at a nearby beach. Sometimes you just need to do something more simple; not worrying or stressing over putting together a full team, but instead focusing on the art of creating beautiful photos. So that's what we did. I picked out a few favorites from my fall wardrobe: I chose my favorite jacket from Zara, a new clean pair of white high tops, and a selection of hats. Next, I threw on some makeup and headed out to meet Lynnsey!

Life can get busy; remember to slow down and enjoy the simple things: the sound of the ocean, breeze running through your hair, a beautiful sunset.

Photographer: LionLady Photography