Pinterest Love

A few years ago while scrolling through the infinite pages of Pinterest I came across an image; I stopped, I looked, I stared, and I knew that one day I would recreate this same scene. With the help of some amazing ladies, we set out on a task. Some flowers, a simple outfit, and a photogenic bathtub were the key items that would be needed to make this project come to life. I never thought it would be so hard to find a nice bathtub to take photos in, but over a year later, we found one! A trip to Pikes Place Market for some flowers, a lovely handmade dress from my friend Kim, and a visit to a quaint salon in Edmonds, and I was ready to make some magic with Alyssa (the pretty lady behind the camera).

Nothing I do could be done without an amazing team behind me. I am blessed and lucky to continue to meet people from all different walks of life; people who have the ability to come together and make beautiful things happen.

Photographer: Alyssa Wilcox Designer: Kimmi Designs HMUA: Refinery Salon