street chic

Skater Girl

I’ve always been a little shy and reserved; you could ask any one of my family or friends and they could vouch for that. 80% of the time I would rather stay home then go out to the bars… unless its bowling! However, when I get in front of a camera, I become a different person. I’ve been known to stop strangers to ask them to be a part of a photo from time to time, and this shoot can attest to that. As I got off of the bus on Capitol Hill I noticed some kids skate boarding. I thought that they complimented this outfit well, so I walked on over and asked them to skate around and pose with me.

Ever since I got these Dr. Martens for Christmas they haven't left my feet. Once you break them in they're very comfortable and useful when Seattle weather decides to change last minute and you see rain on the forecast. This grey skirt was hanging up just begging me to take it home for the small price of $10, so I did! One skater skirt later and this look was born.

About the look:

Top- Zara

Skirt- Forever21

Shoes- Dr. Martens

Photographer: Holly Phan

I Scream for Ice Cream

Rain rain go away come back another day. As I stepped off of the bus this past Tuesday a mixture of heavy rain and hale, yes hale came beating down on me as I headed to my cycling class. Spring is begging to come out of hiding but temperatures are showing fall on the forecast for a little while longer.

Last week it was a little warmer and I got to meet up with a new friend, Holly to grab some ice cream to shoot this dress for The Shopping Bag. There's nothing better than feeling good about the way you look while enjoying some amazing local ice cream. It's always interesting to hear the comments and see the looks of bystanders as I do these shoots for my blog. I can honestly say I've never gotten so many compliments while shooting a look before!

A fun and simple date night look, or maybe you're like me and any outing is a reason to get dressed up! Accessorize this look with a nude clutch, small enough to fit what you need with the option of a shoulder strap to make it easy to carry around. Until Seattle makes up its mind, a jacket might not be a bad idea! All of these items can be found at Check them out and if you find something you like use the code FASHIONBYANITA to get 20% off! Spring fashion is on it's way, if you're going to buy something might as well get a deal on it.

Shop on boys and girl.


 Photographer: Holly Phan