I have found a real appreciation for local businesses thanks to my time living in Seattle. My fashion roots started in Ohio where supporting local business isn't as big of a deal as it is in the Pacific North West. Since my move I have found a new respect for those who've created a brand and make clothes by hand. I recently had the opportunity to meet Victoria, the woman behind Kheops.

Her story is a little different from most I've met; she recently moved to Seattle from Europe in hopes of making a name for herself and her clothing line. Back home her brand is well known and has sold hundreds of pieces, so you might be asking yourself why she chose to move to Seattle. Not knowing much English, she decided to move to an area where she already had a network of friends and family who could help her make this the perfect starting point.

40 plus looks; 3 models in 8 hours! It was humbling to be a part of something so fabulous. You can only see five looks here but you still see just how versatile she is. Something fun, sophisticated, short, long, fitted, and loose- she has made all of this and even more! I love how unique the clothes are, not like anything you may see on the runway. A one stop clothing shop with various kinds of fabrics, all sorts of colors and various styles of clothing. Kheops is set to launch their website at the beginning of May but for now you can follow all of her adventures and new designs on Instagram and Facebook!

Photographer: Tereza Janakova / Makeup: Taylour Chanel

New Year

They say that you can't move forward without first taking a look back. It's a new year and my first post is from my last collaboration in 2015.

When I first started blogging, I didn't have a blog- I was just a girl with an Instagram. Eight months ago after a few failed attempts at making a website and starting a blog I finally did it! The "it" meaning writing my first actual post. It hasn't been easy but boy has it been worth it.

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across a giveaway for a skirt by Chen Burkett. It was the first time I had ever come across her clothes and I loved everything about them. The various prints used, color, the style and fit- so then I started following the brand on Instagram. A few weeks ago I saw that Chen Burkett was following me on Instagram, and I fangirled SO hard. The following week I received a message from her asking if I would be interested in being one of her brand ambassadors, and of course I said yes.

I never felt as though my work was paying off more than I did in that moment. This all started out as a hobby in my backyard when I would ask my sister to take photos of me on my phone. 3 years later I am working with a designer states away in New York. What a way to end 2015. You'll be seeing a lot of these designs on my blog, but for now take a look at how I styled some of Chen's pieces.

2015-12-13 Anita Mwiruki UW0885.jpg

Photographer: Steve Korn/ Designs: Chen Burkett/ Makeup: Kayla Beltran/ Hair: Mackezine Valerio


Photographer: Mariana Quevedo Photography/ Makeup: Rahela Williams

The beginning of this journey is sort of blurry for me. I remember my senior year of high school, my artsy friends would ask to take photos of me for their classes. I never thought much of it, but it was always fun to have new photos to post on Instagram and Facebook. For me it was never anything more than that. However, as time went on I became more and more interested in fashion. Everything about the fashion industry intrigued me: the different styles that I previously had no clue existed, photo shoots, fashion shows. It was all so new and exciting.

I was working two jobs at the time, so it was nice to finally have some sort of an outlet. I started looking for more people to work with and connected with different artists: makeup, hair, designers, photographers and started planning different photo shoots. What started out as a time filler became a passion, a way to express myself and let the artist in me out.

Three years later, here I am. All of the friendships I’ve made and projects I’ve been a part of have turned a hobby into much more.

Photographer: Fan the Flame/ Makeup: Rahela Williams/ Hair+Wardrobe: JodyKrevens


It was the summer of 2013 when I was given an invitation to work with the photographer Joshua Eskridge, along with some of the best creatives in Louisville: hair, makeup, and designer. The concept of the project: an all white studio editorial- I said yes, packed my bags and headed down. I have never met individuals who are  so in love with their craft, and so amazing at it too; till this day some of my favorite people to work with.

Almost a year later I was asked to work with Joshua, Matthew, Isidro, and Genna again on photos that would be submitted to the North American Hairstyling Awards. If you've never heard of it, the best of the best in the U.S and Canada submit creative studio work in different categories ranging from hair texture to hair color. It was two days of hair, makeup, and some of the wildest designs I've had the pleasure to work with.

It's been almost two years now since my last trip to Kentucky, but I will never forget the friendships and connections that were made that summer.

Photographer: Joshua Eskridge Designer: Genna Yussman  Hair: Matthew Tyldesley Makeup: Isidro Valencia