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Behind the Scenes

Have you ever seen a photo and wondered how it was done, what work it took to get the shot? My shoot with Rock was one of a kind, and so I wanted to take the time to talk about the journey to the final image.

Anita Rock the horse-Desktop-0011.jpg

If you haven't put two and two together just yet- Rock is the beautiful stud in the photos. I've seen many a photos in Vogue, Gap and Polo ads with horses; and wanted to do something of my own. I set out to the Internet, Facebook to be exact to try and find someone with a horse I could use. I posted an ad and found the sweetest woman in the area willing to let me come look at her land and horses.

Once a week, for a month leading up to the shoot I would drive twenty minutes to go play with Rock and get him used to me. The day before he was stomping around, not letting me get close to him and I was so nervous it wouldn't work out. But the day of, after feeding him an apple he was all cuddles.

I pranced, sat, knelled, danced, and walked around for an hour with this beauty- the outcome was more than I could have asked for. Hopefully next summer Rock will be broken and I can try my hand at actually riding him.

Till next time. Happy Friday lovelies!

Photographer: Arctic Rose Dress: Silk Fairies

Bad Mother Vintage

I can't believe it's already April- there's still plenty of snow all around Alaska but luckily it's warmed up enough for me to bring out my spring wardrobe.

I say it often and I mean it every time, but I never stop feeling fortunate for all the creative souls I meet and get to work with. I stumbled upon one of the cutest vintage stores in Fairbanks- Bad Mother Vintage and I've been obsessed ever since the first time I worked with them. I picked out this off the shoulder dress and paired it with some new ballerina styled shoes and stepped out for some photos.

About a year ago I came across a photo with colorful smoke in the background and have loved the effect of a smoke bomb in a photo since. I decided to order some for my first shoot with local photographer Shiana, and here are just some of the photos from our adventure. This young, fun, free spirited girl has been taking photos for seven years and I was so happy to get to have her capture me.

I love portraits. Especially when you capture the essence of the person in that portrait. I love the artistic freedom that it gives me to create something beautiful that will last forever.
— Shiana McLean

Now you've met two of my favorite companies in Alaska, so get ready to see a lot more of their work all over my blog and Instagram. Hope you all have an amazing weekend! xoxo

Photographer: Shiana McLean

Black Swan

Phuong of Dresses by P.M.N launched her brand in April of 2014. I have had the pleasure of working with her a few times, modeling her wedding dresses. She started out making traditional American wedding dresses: all white, beautiful trains, stunning beading. Recently she began to add red accents to her gowns, inspired by the color of traditional wedding dresses from her homeland, Vietnam. You can see the beauty of her red couture pieces here.

I thought it could be very cool to mix the purple with black together to create a pop effect since the two colors usually look very good together
— Phuong Nguyen

While at Phuong's house for a fitting, she showed me a new piece she was working on; something unlike anything else she'd ever done- a black gown. Though it's said that black is not a color but rather the absence of light, I still say it's my favorite color. I knew that I had to get some photos in this dress, so we made it happen.


If you're in need of a showstopper for your wedding, I would recommend checking out her sample sale dresses or see about getting your own one-of-a-kind dress. The material and sewing technique she uses on her gowns are beyond perfect and worth every penny.



I have found a real appreciation for local businesses thanks to my time living in Seattle. My fashion roots started in Ohio where supporting local business isn't as big of a deal as it is in the Pacific North West. Since my move I have found a new respect for those who've created a brand and make clothes by hand. I recently had the opportunity to meet Victoria, the woman behind Kheops.

Her story is a little different from most I've met; she recently moved to Seattle from Europe in hopes of making a name for herself and her clothing line. Back home her brand is well known and has sold hundreds of pieces, so you might be asking yourself why she chose to move to Seattle. Not knowing much English, she decided to move to an area where she already had a network of friends and family who could help her make this the perfect starting point.

40 plus looks; 3 models in 8 hours! It was humbling to be a part of something so fabulous. You can only see five looks here but you still see just how versatile she is. Something fun, sophisticated, short, long, fitted, and loose- she has made all of this and even more! I love how unique the clothes are, not like anything you may see on the runway. A one stop clothing shop with various kinds of fabrics, all sorts of colors and various styles of clothing. Kheops is set to launch their website at the beginning of May but for now you can follow all of her adventures and new designs on Instagram and Facebook!

Photographer: Tereza Janakova / Makeup: Taylour Chanel

Rattlesnake Ledge x Sarah Mulder Jewelry

Sometimes you meet the right people at the right time and everything just works- that's what happened with this collaboration. Last year I met and worked with photographer Alyssa Wilcox a few times on various personal projects. In the spring of this year I came across a jewelry designer via Instagram, Sarah Mulder ,who lives in California. She had seen some of my work and also knew Alyssa from her photography work, so the three of us teamed up for this fall fashion styled shoot.

Here we are now. Sarah sent me some jewelry from her new Fall/Winter 2015 line to style. I have a thing for crystals so of course my two favorite pieces were the two necklaces with the gems; but I had fun with all the jewelry. I tried to pick three different outfits that weren’t exactly the same, but went well with the jewelry and all spoke to who I am.

Fashion speaks to who you are and each one of these looks describes a side of me perfectly! I believe in looking good AND feeling good because looking good doesn’t mean you have to be in pain! A plaid shirt, nice pair of dark denim, and a beanie is my go to casual fall look. Casual doesn't have to mean sweats and looking like you just rolled out of bed- it can be fashionable! A new addition I have added to my closet is a suede dress from local vintage seller KCO Vintage; paired with last year’s black knee high boots and last but not least a nice burgundy lace dress. Some jewelry only goes well with one style of clothing so it was nice working with a line of pieces that are so versatile.

How would you style some Sarah Mulder jewelry?



The complete adventure in photos right below!

Photographer: Alyssa Wilcox/ Jewelry: Sarah Mulder