Casual Fridays

It's crazy to think but it's almost been two years since I moved to Seattle. Before moving I had never heard of Dr. Martens, no one really wore them in the mid west. I would see girls wearing them and wish I could pull off the look but didn't think it was really my style. Every state, city has a style; Seattle would be casual or minimalist. It took some time but I can now appreciate a nice simple outfit that doesn't require hours of trashing my closet to put together.

I always had this mindset of what I could pull off, what my style was but I finally broke down and decided it was time I own some Dr. Martens! Shout out to my honey for hooking me up, because they are the only shoes I wear now. The first few wears were a pain, breaking them in is serious work but totally worth the blisters. Nice rain jacket for the drizzly Seattle days, new pair of jeans and my boots.

2016, here's to enjoying the simple things in life.

Photographer: Stephen Klise