year in review

Year in Review

It's the first week of 2017, and before the year is in full effect I want to take a moment to reflect on the past year before moving forward.

A few hours before jumping on a flight to come home for the holidays, I had one last shoot with Alia Rocha. With shortened days and little sunlight, it can be hard to be creative; but we found a way to make it work with the help of a happy light. Don't know what that is? Imagine a freestanding Ipad giving off an insane amount of light. It may not be the most conventional light source for photography, but it worked great!

It's not always easy but I have learned to appreciate and enjoy the simple shoots; ones that don't require multiple moving parts, studio lights, or extravagant clothes. I am thankful for the creative community I have come across in my new home.


Over the course of 2016 I have experienced some major life changes, moments of growth, and plenty of high and low moments in 2016. I started my fitness journey and began really focusing on myself- body, soul, and mind. I spent some of the most amazing weekends in Panama City Beach with my other half, took a road trip from Atlanta to Seattle, moved to Alaska...oh and I got engaged and married in the time span of a week. Though the move to Alaska has been somewhat of a setback for my blog, it has been a major growing experience for me as a person.

So here's to the moments in life that make us stronger and prepare us for the journey ahead. See you guys in 2017!